Hanley Hand Artworks

Hand of Recycling,
Town Centre Roundabout, Stoke On Trent

More than 100 apprentices used pieces of scrap metal to build the structure of this visually appealing piece of urban art.Over a 12 month period, this recycling project helped to reduce the amount of scrap metal that went to landfill, whilst providing PM Training apprentices with the opportunity to get involved in a project where their work would ultimately be on public display.

The steel hand model measures over two metres high and a metre wide and is permanently positioned within the town centre.

This major piece was built with over 100 apprentices each applying a piece of recycled scrap metal over 12 months.

Trentham Swans Artworks

Trentham Gardens Estate, Urban Art

Created in 2010, Artworks were commissioned to build eight swans in different states of flight to be used as an urban art feature at the Trentham Garden Estate.Eight PM Training apprentices helped create the swans which are now a popular attraction. One of the swans was used during the Queens Jubilee Celebrations making a barge trip from Stoke-On-Trent down to London.

Mayfly Artworks

May Fly Throne,
Burslem Park, Sculpture

Originally a piece of Listed stone work, local artist Andy Edwards designed a May Fly Throne to be situated in Burslem Park. PM apprentices created the frame structure to the original designs and installed at over 10ft high.