Homeworks provides a unique platform for young people to learn new skills from qualified trade professionals and is an innovative way of providing services to the community and local businesses helping learners and apprentices to become work ready and progress into employment. As a result, social value is created and continues to support the local community and economy of North Staffordshire.

Homeworks helps vulnerable customers

Value is created for Homeworks customers through a number of outcomes including helping them to live independently, reducing feelings of social isolation and wider inter-generational benefits.  As a result of receiving the Homeworks service tenants have less worry about their home and garden and more pride in it.

Tackling youth unemployment through positive progression

Young people progress from the Homeworks service onto an apprenticeship on a monthly basis. Many of whom continue to provide value back to the community through sustainable employment.

Investing in the community

As a leading social enterprise, we are committed to providing high quality, cost-effective services. As a result, financial surpluses are reinvested into the community through our regeneration charity, the Realise Foundation. Our impact in helping young people access training and employment has resulted in a Social Value Return on Investment (SORI) of £4.20 for every £1 invested, an increase in 70p over the past year.

Added value

The Realise Foundation’s work is focused on three themes:

  • Employability which includes subsidies to help companies pay an apprentice’s wages and providing support, such as starter toolkits
  • Lifelong learning which includes providing bursaries to allow students at college or university to continue their education, or other training, for example training social housing customers to manage their homes  and tenancies
  • Environmental Initiatives such as creating new community gardens, parks and green spaces,  installing custom-made works of art and upgrading school playgrounds and yards

The young people on the Homeworks teams carry out most of the environmental initiatives completing a virtuous circle of social value creation.

For every £1 invested... £4.20 of social value is created